Our Philosophy

We believe that when you look good, we look good… that your success is our success. At Pollywog, our goal is to help you tell your story in the best way possible. Whether you need help with corporate communications, advertising or entertainment – we’ve worked on it all and look forward to working with you..

Our Story

Pollywog Communications is all about transformation through communication. Good stories change the people who experience them. In order for transformation to occur, we first start with your objective. Simply put, what are you trying to accomplish? Once we understand this we start the process of understanding the “audience” you’re trying to reach. This involves the many facets of the human condition; psychology, sociology, demographics and pop culture just to name a few. We pair this understanding with our extensive experience communicating with people both young and old. We use technologies like film, video, and interactive media like the web, mobile apps and augmented reality/virtual reality experiences to select and build the best possible program for you.

Next Steps…

Whether your audience consists of millennials, Gen X’rs, or Baby Boomers we can help you reach and transform them. Contact us today to see how we can help you with your storytelling challenge.

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