Our most important task is to understand your communication needs and the people that you want to reach. This forms the foundation of our recommendations. Pollywog Communications can be hired to conduct this research and propose the best possible way to reach your target audience. You can then take our plan and execute it with your own internal staff or your agency of record.


Flicks, movies, cinema… whatever you call it, film is one of the most impactful forms of media we have today and digital cinema makes this medium extremely affordable. A film can make us laugh, cry, and think about the human condition. Your message may be perfectly suited for visual impact of the movies.


Video is everywhere, on the TV screen, computer, tablet computers like iPads and even your phone. With this incredible ubiquity, video has become the best way to reach a large variety of audiences. When you combine video with the Internet you have a tool that allows your message to be experienced whenever and wherever it’s best for your audience. That’s transformational!


Interactive media has been with us for decades and we’ve come a long way from the early “CBT” days. In some ways, interactive media or “new media/rich media” is the most powerful form of communication ever know to the human race. But how do you harness it for greatest effect? Let Pollywog help you navigate the sea of acronyms, buzzwords and “cool” to find the tools that will make you and your project successful.

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If your confused by all the choices, let us be your partner in finding the best solution for your business.

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